Concern that NHS staff feel they have to comment anonymously online, and a reader makes a recommendation

Identity crisis

Am I alone in noting that assurances about the ending of the pursuit and gagging of whistleblowers (‘Government moves to clarify protection for whistleblowers’) has not ended the tendency for those commenting on HSJ articles to not identify themselves?

Does this suggest that many of your readers feel that they still cannot openly speak their minds on the topics of interest to the NHS and the public at large?

Peter West, London

Youtube sensation

Having now watched this video on Youtube of Lucy Reynolds talking to Jill Mountford in full, I cannot overpraise Ms Reynolds’ forensically detailed dissection of every aspect of the current privatisation of the NHS and, in addition, the historical developments which led up to it.

It must rank with Allyson Pollock’s NHS plc and Leys and Player’sThe Plot Against the NHS as the best accounts ever given of NHS privatisation. I urge you to put the time aside to watch it and to email, tweet, post on Facebook and to tell everyone who cares about our NHS to do the same.

Alex Scott-Samuel, senior lecturer in public health at the University of Liverpool