An NHS governor has resigned after her primary care trust offered Durham county council £1m to help towards gritting roads.

Kath Toward was “incandescent with rage” at the trust’s decision to allocate the money to Durham county council in an effort to help prevent accidents, claiming the money would be better spent on improving services for patients.

Ms Toward, who was a governor for County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust, said: “I am still incandescent with rage over being informed that our PCT has offered Durham county council £1m over two years to help grit roads and salt pavements. I have not heard of any of our elected representatives challenging this.

“Along with all Durham residents, I pay council tax to Durham county council to grit roads and salt pavements. In the upper dale we cannot even get our roads gritted before the school transport has to set off with its precious cargoes.

“We need many more physiotherapists and speech therapists in this county and I feel that £1m would have gone some way towards helping pay for more therapy hours.”

A spokesman for the PCT said: “This money will be spent in a variety of ways but, in particular, on gritting extra paths and pavements which will result in improving the quality of life for the elderly, who often fall and fracture bones in icy weather.