A community services contract, worth £1.7bn, is set to be procured by commissioners in the South West of England

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group has said it intends to procure a seven to 10 year community services contract worth between £120 and £170m per year.

The CCG has published a prior information notice signalling its intentions to procure the contract from 2020-21. Currently, community services across the three areas are run by three separate social enterprises.

The notice, published on 10 September, said the final scope of the contract is yet to be determined but may include all adult community services, worth £120m per year, and children’s community health services and adolescent community health services – worth £50m.

If children’s community services are included the procurement would need to be conducted jointly with NHS England and the local authority.

According to the notice, the CCG may ask for proposals for the contracts in January 2019.

Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG merged on 1 April. In an interview with HSJ, CCG chief executive Julia Ross said the new CCG would look to commission a single community service as the current “disjointed” services were a major contributor to the region’s urgent care struggles.