Labour’s legacy will come under attack from the coalition government today.

Liberal Democrat energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne and Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi are holding a press conference promising to “expose” Labour’s “legacy of waste in office”.

A Government source said the pair would be seeking to emphasise that “while one party created this mess, two parties are coming together to solve it”.

David Cameron pledged to tackle Government waste shortly after the Coalition took office.

He hit out as “crazy” spending decisions made during Labour’s final year in power.

Consultancy and advertising spending, civil service bonuses and travel costs were all targeted as the Government seeks to save money and tackle the deficit.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “The last Labour Government had made many efficiency savings and had a realistic plan to half the deficit within four years.

“This is nothing more than August posturing by Tory and Lib Dem ministers who should have better things to do.”