Private finance initiative contracts signed by the last Labour-led administration to build hospital car parks have been attacked following a decision by one hospital to increase charges by 62 per cent.

Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond slammed the PFI deals as Glasgow Royal Infirmary yesterday set its price for a 14-trip pass at £89.50, up from £55.

The cost of the monthly direct debit price is also rising from £77 to £112, a 45 per cent increase.

The issue was raised in Holyrood during First Minister’s Questions by MSP Sandra White (SNP), who said the charges “will have a severe impact on health service workers at Glasgow Royal Infirmary”.

Mr Salmond said: “I know the member will appreciate that the PFI contract under which these charges were introduced, and under which these charges are contained, was unfortunately signed by the last Labour administration.

“Much as we would have liked to have adopted the same policies towards the PFI contracts as we did towards the vast majority of NHS hospitals under our control, it simply is not possible to do that without substantial expense on the public exchequer.

“It would have been great, of course, when negotiating the PFI contracts, if the last administration had paid even an iota of concentration on the protection of patients, staff and the public.”