The NHS’s in-house consultancy service says it saved trusts an estimated £2.5m in consultancy fees in 2010-11.

The NHS Interim Management and Support seconds health service staff into different roles at organisations which might otherwise have needed to hire consultants.

The savings figure was reached by assessing the work the service carried out against what an independent consultancy would have charged.

The organisation recently completed its 100th assignment since being set up in 2008, a project supporting elective and emergency performance at Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Healthcare Trust. Other assignments include providing a clinician to help Royal Devon and Exeter Foundation Trust redesign its overnight care system and finding a programme director to improve IT systems at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Foundation Trust.

NHS Interim Management and Support senior partner Richard Jeavons said: “During the transition period ahead, we expect the experience and expertise of our pool members to be a key tool for NHS organisations to call upon.”

The service has 350 managers and clinicians on its books and also manages the NHS’s intensive support teams.