18 Week Support’s innovative insourcing model enhances NHS efficiency, reduces waiting times, and strengthens patient care, writes Paulo Sergio Andrade

The NHS faces significant challenges in timely care due to mounting waiting lists and resource constraints. Despite recent welcome progress, waiting times for non-urgent elective procedures remain at historic highs. As of the end of March 2024, more than 7.5 million patients were still waiting to start treatment, representing around 6.3 million unique individuals. In only 58 per cent of cases, patients have been waiting under 18 weeks, considerably off the 92 per cent standard.

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At the beginning of this year, Policy Points was commissioned by 18 Week Support to conduct a Health Economic Report quantifying the potential scale and economic impact of insourcing within the NHS. The outcome of this research aims to inform discussions between the insourcing community and NHS trusts, emphasising the financial benefits of insourcing. By analysing what the 18 Week Support output could be if the insourcing market reached its full potential, the report paints a clear picture of the significant opportunity available.

Amidst these challenges, 18 Week Support stands out as a leading insourcing provider. We offer an innovative solution: helping NHS trusts optimise spare capacity during weekends and evenings. We provide productivity, innovation and value for money. Since we were founded, we have worked with more than 80 NHS trusts to reduce waiting times and increase overall productivity. We cover 15 specialities and run outpatients, diagnostics, cancer pathways and surgical procedures. We believe that capacity is the cure.

This article explores some of the critical financial and productivity benefits highlighted in the report and how 18 Week Support can use its expertise to help your NHS trust reduce non-urgent elective procedure waiting times and alleviate your current backlog by maximising the use of your existing NHS estate to increase your capacity.

The Health Economic Report by Policy Points highlights significant economic benefits tied to 18 Week Support’s insourcing model. Our innovative approach delivers marked improvements in efficiency and productivity within the NHS. By leveraging existing NHS infrastructure and spare capacity, we provide care at rates below national tariffs. Our model also ensures improved patient throughput by strategically managing patient lists and optimising available clinical spaces. The result is that more patients receive care in less time, maximising the use of existing resources.

Another critical benefit outlined in the report is a sustainable reduction in waiting times. Through the use of spare capacity at NHS trusts, 18 Week Support enables a continuous flow of non-urgent elective procedures. This approach helps reduce the overall pressure on NHS resources while improving productivity throughout the system.

By strategically mobilising specialised teams to help NHS trusts provide a seven-day service to patients, 18 Week Support ensures that NHS facilities operate at full capacity. It also improves access to care at times convenient for patients. This reduces health inequalities, enabling the NHS to deliver more timely, equitable, and effective care.

Another vital component of this approach is that insourcing retains the NHS’s central role in patient care management, fostering a stronger relationship between the NHS and patients. This continuity ensures patients receive a more consistent experience. At the same time, public confidence in the NHS is strengthened due to the reliable access to high-quality care provided by 18 Week Support, as patients can receive the treatments they need more promptly.

At 18 Week Support, we are also clinically led. Our highly experienced clinical leadership team oversees every aspect of our service, including clinical excellence, patient safety, governance, and innovation. This ensures that the highest standards of care are consistently maintained while fostering an environment where innovation thrives.

In summary, the Health Economic Report prepared by Policy Points underscores the significant economic benefits of 18 Week Support’s insourcing model. By improving efficiency and productivity while reducing costs, we at 18 Week Support enhance patient throughput and ensure more sustainable management of elective care. The effective use of spare capacity enables the NHS to handle fluctuations and non-urgent elective procedure backlogs. Meanwhile, our specialised teams ensure continuity and maintain a high standard of care, all while strengthening the relationship between the NHS and patients.

To fully understand the impact that 18 Week Support can have on your NHS trust, we encourage readers to download the Health Economic Report. This report contains comprehensive insights into how we can help your trust maximise its resources and significantly reduce waiting times. Click here  to obtain your free copy today. 

Visit the 18 Week Support website to learn more about our insourcing services and how our flexible, tailored solutions can assist your NHS trust in delivering high-quality care efficiently and cost-effectively.