HSJ contacted the following primary care trusts to ask them what advice their strategic health authorities had given them regarding planning for 2011-12.

East of England

Guidance given in October 2008 and not updated since: PCT revenue up 4 per cent, tariff up 1 per cent (real terms inflation 3 per cent)

South Central

Guidance given in autumn 2008 and not updated:PCT revenue up 4 per cent; inflation up 2.5 per cent (real terms inflation 1.5 per cent)

South East Coast

Figures not available. Guidance published March 2009 says: “The underpinning assumptions for 2011-12 onwards reflect an expected reduction in growth into the NHS, coupled with an increased focus on efficiency. Organisations’ financial strategies over the coming years should reflect the need to prepare for this change in circumstances.”

Yorkshire and the Humber

Latest guidance given in December 2008: PCT revenue up 4 per cent, plus or minus 1 per cent. Tariff to grow by 1 per cent, assuming 3 per cent efficiency (real terms inflation 3 per cent)

North East

A spokeswoman said: “The position for 2011-12 and 2012-13 is uncertain, and organisations are currently forecasting 1 per cent real terms growth for those years. The plans will be revised when the position is more certain.”

West Midlands

Guidance not updated since July 2008: PCT revenue up by between 3.5 and 4.5 per cent, based on figures given in the 2007 comprehensive spending review, tariff to grow by between 2.3 and 3.3 per cent (real terms inflation of between 0.2 per cent and 2.2 per cent). A spokeswoman said: “Organisations are making their own assumptions based on the information they have available. It feels more appropriate for them to be making their own assumptions at the moment.”

South West

A spokeswoman said: “The SHA did not mandate guidance on the financial assumptions to be used by primary care trusts… Medium and long term financial planning is constantly evolving. [The SHA’s plan] is currently being refreshed with a view to updating the assumptions after the chancellor delivers his next Budget.”

East Midlands

No specific guidance provided. A spokesman said: “PCTs have chosen what they believe is appropriate for their local circumstances and reflected that in their plans.”


Guidance issued in October 2008: PCT revenue: 4 per cent, plus or minus 1 per cent. Tariff up 1 per cent (real terms 2 to 4 per cent)

North West

NHS North West did not respond to HSJ’s enquiries