COMMERCIAL: Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is seeking to increase its “market share” in its outer catchment area, particularly in Berkshire.

The aim of “Berkshire activity growth reflected in treatment contracts” is set out in the FT’s forward plan strategy for the next three years, which was submitted to Monitor in April. The move is partly intended to offset financial risks from commissioners such NHS Surrey, which finished 2010-11 with a £12m deficit.

It states: “In reviewing the trust’s current market share, Frimley Park receives the majority of patient referrals within a five-mile radius, with an 80 per cent share.

“Of the ‘outer catchment’ within a ten mile radius, FPH holds a 44 per cent market share. Provided Frimley can continue to maintain and develop its reputation in the community there is scope to increase market share, particularly in Berkshire,” the plan says.

It notes, however, that a growth in market share is “dependent upon the proximity of other hospitals, their chosen activities and the specialities” provided by Frimley Park itself.

The plan says that the trust may seek to establish satellite outpatient clinics in Bracknell to boost its presence in Berkshire.