PERFORMANCE: The foundation trust received only 48 hours warning that the prime minister was to launch the NHS reforms “listening exercise” there in April.

David Cameron, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and health secretary Andrew Lansley visited Frimley Park on Wednesday 6 April to launch the “listening exercise”, led by the NHS Future Forum, over the proposed health reforms.

Trust chair Sir Mike Aaronson said: “There is clearly a lot of anxiety and controversy about aspects of the Health and Social Care Bill, but it was a great honour for Frimley Park to be selected to host an event of such importance, and this demonstrates how highly the trust is regarded by the Department of Health and the government in general.

“We were only given 48 hours notice to organise the event, but Frimley’s ‘can-do’ attitude came to the fore and the determination, teamwork and professionalism displayed was truly impressive.

“As I later told the staff, I doubt there are many hospitals that could have responded so quickly and so well while continuing to maintain our usual high standards for our patients.”