PERFORMANCE: The FT is currently rated as at “extremely high” risk of failing to provide clinical management of emergency admissions.

Latest board papers from February summarise the minutes of the FT’s corporate governance group meeting held on 18 January, the corporate risk register, and the corporate assurance framework.

According to the papers, the board noted that there were 28 risks on the register.

Of these one – the failure to provide safe clinical management of emergency admissions – was ranked “extremely high”. The trust is due to start work this month on a new emergency department.

Meanwhile four areas were ranked “high” on the register. These were the risk to financial stability in 2011-12 through changes to the national tariff, operating framework, and PCT contracts; the inability to provide a comprehensive dermatology service as a result of vacancies and the inability to recruit; the lack of experience and knowledge of junior doctors compromising patient safety and their inability to manage the workload; and the failure to provide a safe clinical environment for the management of patients with behavioural problems.

The papers state: “No new risks had been added to the risk register at its last review by the corporate governance group.”