COMMERCIAL: Frimley Park Foundation Trust has purchased a pager system to help improve patient satisfaction levels.

The trust’s outpatients clinic processes up to 200 prescriptions a day but only has a waiting room for about 20 people.

As a result, its Pharmacy Department has purchased a MediCall pager system from Call Systems Technology.

When patients hand in their prescriptions they receive a pager, allowing them to go where they choose while the prescriptions are prepared.

When they are ready, a staff member activates the patients’ pagers so that they alert them to return to collect their prescriptions.

The main motivation behind this implementation was improving the “customer experience”, according to the trust.

Dispensary manager said Sue Horne said: “By the time they arrive at the pharmacy, they really don’t want to be hanging around anymore.

“The pagers allow patients to leave the department, attend other areas for treatment, or simply to relax while they wait for their prescriptions.”