WORKFORCE: Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is to recruit 30 more ward nurses and a range of medics, as part of a £1m investment in staff to cope with workload pressures.

Latest board papers from April note that the trust experienced a “very difficult winter”, with around 200 more general admissions in November, December and January than the monthly average.

This has been coupled with a worsening of length of stay of over half a day, mainly as a result of a greater number of high acuity patients, the papers said.

“The situation has placed pressures on staff at all levels across the hospital in what has been the most challenging winter for over a decade,” the board was told.

The extra workload has “heightened the need to enhance staffing” in a number of areas and the trust said it intended to invest around £1m in additional medical and nursing staff. Key investments include the following:

  • 30 permanent ward nurses
  • A fourth MAU Consultant
  • A second SpR in Medicine for nights
  • A strengthening of Night Nurse management with 2 Band 7s
  • Additional staff for ADU
  • £250k for other ward pressures
  • An Associate Specialist for the SAU
  • An ADU/CF Consultant