FINANCE: George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust is forecasting a break-even position for the end of 2011-12, £1.2m worse than planned.

The trust’s October compliance, performance, and finance report says the trust’s year to date income to the end of September was £56,000 below budget.

Although income from NHS Warwickshire was £800,000 more than expected, income from Leicester County and Rutland was £900,000 worse, and Coventry was £200,000 below plan.

The break-even prediction assumes additional income from commissioners, delivery of the trust’s cost improvement plan and further cost reductions, “and is therefore subject to considerable risk”.

CIP savings worth £4.2m have been found – behind the planned figure of £4.41m.

Of the total £11.2m required CIP savings, £1.9m are yet to be identified.