PERFORMANCE: Patient ratings for care given by doctors at George Eliot Hospital was worse than for most other NHS trusts, a Care Quality Commission survey has found.

The CQC’s inpatient survey found that George Eliot performed significantly worse than average on the following indicators:

  • Had the hospital specialist been given all necessary information about your condition/illness from the person who referred you?
  • When you had important questions to ask a doctor, did you get answers that you could understand?
  • In your opinion, were there enough nurses on duty to care for you in hospital?
  • Were you given enough privacy when being examined or treated?
  • Did a member of staff explain the risks and benefits of the operation or procedure?
  • Did a member of staff answer your questions about the operation or procedure?
  • Afterwards, did a member of staff explain how the operation or procedure had gone?
  • Were you given enough notice about when you were going to be discharged?
  • Did a member of staff tell you about medication side effects to watch for when you went home?
  • Did hospital staff take your family or home situation into account when planning your discharge?
  • Did the doctors or nurses give your family or someone close to you all the information they needed to care for you?

The indicators are divided into ten sections. George Eliot scored significantly worse the most on the categories of “doctors”, “operations and procedures” and “leaving hospital”.

There were 70 indicators in total. George Eliot scored significantly better than most trusts in none of them.