PERFORMANCE: NHS Gloucestershire has exceeded its target for emergency services during 2010-11, resulting in an overspend of more than £6m.

The primary care trust’s board papers for March show that at month ten, accident and emergency performance was above plan by 1,924 attendances, resulting in a £500,000 overspend.

Meanwhile emergency admissions were 2,674, or 6.1 per cent, above plan, leading to a £5.6m overspend, with £900,000 of that coming during February.

The trust is forecasting a revenue surplus of £8.7m, in line with plan. Its year-to-date position at the end of month 11 was a £7.3m surplus.

The target for 95 per cent of accident and emergency patients to be treated within four hours was met in February, after falling behind in January and December.