Well, well, well. What a shock the National Audit Office has stated that GPs earn lots more money for working fewer hours. This is something that has been widely known for some time, writes Les Collister

To quote the NAO: practice partners now work seven hours less a week on average, but earn 58 per cent more.

How did we ever get into this mess? It was greed against weak negotiation skills. The government thought by pouring so much cash into the area it would solve the crisis. However, when esteemed doctors such as Laurence Buckman say that GP productivity should be measured "in improvements in health, not the frequency of consultations", he seems to be saying: pay us more but don't attempt to measure the work we do.

Perhaps Dr Buckman can measure the productivity of the cabinet by the number of toffee apples sold in Bedfordshire?

Les Collister, Liverpool