The title given to the magazine version of my article, ‘How GPs are ignoring the evidence’, did not reflect the essence of the piece, writes Daragh Fahey

We recognise that primary care is awash with evidence-based knowledge and guidance, making it almost impossible to fully appreciate and implement the latest best evidence. There are also occasions when particular evidence-based treatment would be inappropriate.

The article sought to demonstrate a unique way of analysing and presenting GP data that allows comparisons to be made between practices. This highlights the gap between those patients receiving evidence-based interventions and those who could benefit from being offered evidence-based treatment.

Specifically, our analysis of data from 27 GP practices in an English primary care trust allowed us to understand which patients registered at these practices were not receiving evidence-based treatment for coronary heart disease.

This insight supported the GPs by finding patients and considering opportunities for closing the gaps in treatment. In no way was the analysis intended to highlight any shortcomings on their part.

Dr Daragh Fahey, medical and public health director, Health Dialog UK