WORKFORCE: There was a lower uptake of the seasonal flu vaccine among staff at the trust than in any other provider in the North of England this year.

Just 20.7 per cent of frontline healthcare workers at GMW had received the vaccine by 17 February, according to a letter from NHS North of England chief executive Ian Dalton.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service had the second-lowest rate of uptake, at 21.4 per cent, followed by Barnsley Hospital FT, at 23.8 per cent.

Mr Dalton wrote: “I would like to congratulate those trusts and FTs that have met the coverage targets for front line workers. This has provided real protection for your staff, their patients and families over the winter and is a key part of managing winter pressures. Attaining these levels of high coverage is clearly achievable and within our gift.

“You will note however, that a significant variation remains with some trusts achieving quite low coverage, often next to others who have performed well. This is of some concern to us and we would welcome any opportunity to improve the situation next year.”