PERFORMANCE: A South East London cluster has 22 red-rated “issues of concern” with independent contractors, according to its latest risk register.

The board of the cluster reported that significant problems from the 77 live issues were “likely” and is setting up a team to address them.

The cluster, which consists of Lewisham, Lambeth, Southwark, Bromley, Greenwich and Bexley PCTs, reached the total from bringing togwether the cases from across the cluster.

The board was asked to approve “recruitment of an Issues of Concern Team”, which it subsequently did.

A spokeswoman for NHS South East London said: “The board meeting on 19 May was the first to be held by NHS South East London PCT and Care Trust boards. It was an opportunity for the new single primary care directorate to report any issues of concern to the full Board, and to agree a way forward. The new directorate has been established with a dedicated team addressing issues of concern and is actively working on the issues identified. 

“At the meeting, the board agreed the governance arrangements to manage these cases, with the establishment of an Issues of Concern Committee reporting to the Primary Care Decision Panel. This will ensure a consistent approach in resolving issues of concern across the cluster. Progress on the identified issues will be reported to the first meeting of the Issues of Concern Committee, which is scheduled to meet monthly.”