FINANCE: Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust was allocated £28m from the NHS London Challenged Trust Board to cover a forecast out-turn deficit of £28.2m.

Much of the deficit was attributed to an overspend in acute commissioning, which was valued at £26m by month eight (November). Non-acute commissioning was £3.2m over budget over the same period.

Following the Challenged Trust Board allocation, the PCT is now expecting to break even at the end of 2010-11.

A February finance report to the trust’s board said that overspend continued to increase during month nine (December), and that £796,000 of the PCT’s reserves had been used in the year to date.

A contract with University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was identified as a key risk area, with an overspend of £3.7m in the year to date, although a worst-case scenario said up to £4.4m was at risk. Further risk remained as the deal was not a block contract, the report said..