FINANCE: The primary care trust said it was ahead of its forecast position after the first three months of the financial year but admits it lacks data on acute activity and prescribing.

The finance report deals with the first three months of 2011-12, endings 31 June. After three months it was £75,000 ahead of its planned position of a £136,000 surplus.

The PCT plans to end the year with a surplus of £3,350,000 and currently forecasts ending the year with a slightly larger surplus of £3,351,000.

But the report also cautioned that, “activity information with regards to the main acute service level agreements and prescribing information were not available when the report was being prepared”. Therefore the report assumes there has been no over-performance on acute contracts.

The report adds: “After including risks and opportunities at the end of month three the PCT has net uncovered risks of £1.3m in the mid case scenario. Further detailed work is being undertaken to understand the risks and opportunities facing the PCT, notwithstanding the limited information available.

“Our QIPP savings plans remain significantly behind plan.”