Your article 'A spirited row' is misleading about the work of healthcare chaplaincy in the NHS in a number of respects, writes Carol English

It presents the service as being dominated by Anglicans in England, when it has chaplains representing the nine major world faith groups across the four countries of the UK.

There are three professional membership organisations for healthcare chaplains in the UK: the College of Health Care Chaplains; the Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains; and the Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare.

This is a profession fully engaged in meeting the demands of NHS reforms, and all the structures that need to be in place to support that process. The work is being done by the three professional bodies working together.

NHS chaplaincy is a modern service meeting the challenges of diverse religious communities, while always being on hand for those who describe themselves as humanists and secularists.

Carol English, professional officer, College of Health Care Chaplains/Unite the Union