FINANCE: The Birmingham and Solihull quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plan saved £17.1m at month seven against a plan of £31.4m.

The primary care trust cluster expects to fall £22m short of its £58m target.

However the cluster is considering whether savings found elsewhere can be added to its QIPP total.  Board papers for November said: “During the past two months, significant underspends have been reported against key budget areas, in particular in complex care and prescribing.

“The nature of these underspends are being confirmed to determine that it is appropriate to report these as additional QIPP savings, which will be confirmed in next month’s report.”

The cluster expects a “significant increase in QIPP delivery” in the second half of the year.

“The QIPP gap remains a concern and increases the likely startpoint deficit for 2013-14, however on a recurrent basis significant additional savings have been identified which have offset an increasing proportion of the gap.