PERFORMANCE: Heartlands Hospital has introduced a new tool in a bid to reduce pressure ulcers.

The hospital, run by Heart of England Foundation Trust, is embarking on a drive to raise awareness among staff of harm free care.

The campaign is based on five principles, which spell out “SSKIN”.

They are:

  • “Surface (mattress, support etc.)
  • “Skin inspection;
  • “Keep moving;
  • “Incontinence (keep patients clean and dry)
  • “Nutrition.”

Sam Foster, deputy chief nurse, said: “The harm free care bundle was developed after a pilot, as part of the harm free care programme, to reduce pressure ulcers on the wards.

“Through using the harm free care bundle tool, this will ensure that simple measures are followed, such as checking a patient’s skin, moving the position of the patient at regular intervals and ensuring they are kept well nourished and hydrated.”