FINANCE: The trust is predicting that 79 per cent of its 2011-12 savings target will be delivered, with £4.9m unmet.

The trust was £1.7m overspent at month one (April) in 2011-12. Emergency medicine was overspent by £1.2m, Inpatient Care was overspent by £0.9m, Ambulatory Care by £21,000.

Clinical Support was overspent by £290,000. Women’s and Children’s was overspent by £300,000, Facilities was overspent by £50,000, corporate was overspent by £166,000 and Corporate Trust wide was underspent by £1m.

There were 2,579 maternity spells in April - 173, or 6 per cent, less than plan.

Total medical expenditure remains unaffordable at £8.2m in month. Recommendations made by the Medical Staffing Task and Finish Group have yet to take effect.

In addition, performance issues rolled over from last year “could have serious financial repercussions for the trust” due to the risk of contractual penalties.

Around £450,000 a month is currently being withheld by the PCT on an open exception notice on its non compliance with providing a unique patient pathway identifier for each patient to support 18 week and pathway management monitoring.