PERFORMANCE Heatherwood and Wexham Park NHS Foundation Trust’s quarterly submission to Monitor has rated the organisation “red” on both finance and governance criteria.

The trust’s submission for quarter two of 2011-12 gave the worst possible rating for finance. In September the trust ran at a deficit of £1.7m, contributing to a year to date deficit of £8.3m – more than double the planned shortfall of £4m, which itself was a revised figure submitted to Monitor in July.

The trust was also rated red on governance, due to outstanding Care Quality Commission compliance actions, and missed targets on referral to treatment waiting times.

Waits for the 95th percentile remain just above the 18 week target for non-admitted patients and over target at 23 weeks for those who are admitted.

The backlog remains static for numbers of patients waiting. Board papers for October say that bringing waiting times within target is “dependent upon the willingness of Berkshire East primary care trust to commission the additional activity… and to provide appropriate levels of additional funding”.