PERFORMANCE: Heatherwood and Wexham Park Foundation Trust is struggling on its 18 week referral to treatment target, but is predicting significant improvement on long waiters.

For admitted patients, only 79.3 per cent of patients were treated in 18 weeks, against a target of 90 per cent.

This was worse than the previous the figures of 81.2 per cent and 85.5 per cent for December and November, respectively.

However, the figure for non-admitted patients hit its target of 95 per cent.

For admitted patients, the 95th percentile was waiting 28.5 weeks in January, up on the last two months.

Board papers for February said: “Non-admitted 95thcentile performance has improved significantly as the 18 week backlog in outpatients has been systematically reduced through December and January…

“There remains a small cohort of long waiting patients which are a legacy of historic deficiencies in the trust’s outpatient capacity and booking systems.”