WORKFORCE: The total number of staff employed at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Foundation Trust is going up, despite the turnover rate for the organisation’s administrative and clerical workforce topping 33 per cent in January.

Board papers for February showed that the trust’s overall turnover rate in January was 13.02 per cent – just over the target of 13 per cent, but significantly down from 16 per cent in June last year.

The total headcount has gone from 3,110 whole time equivalent staff in September to 3,220.6 in January. It rose in every month in between.

The papers said: “In January 2012 we had 54.96 WTE new starters of which 35.59 per cent  were nursing and midwifery, 25.42 per cent admin and clerical, 18.64 per cent HCAs and support staff.

“We had 24.50 WTE leavers in January 2012.”

But the papers said: “Admin and clerical [showed] the highest number of leavers in January 2012 at 33.33 per cent, followed by nursing and midwifery at 25.94 per cent and health care assistants and other clinical support staff at 22.22 per cent.”

Administrative and clerical staff account for 22 per cent of the trust’s total headcount.

The papers said: “The top reasons for leaving in January 2012 have been identified as being voluntary resignation/other, relocation and retirement age.”