FINANCE: NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale recorded savings of £5.2m for the first five months of 2011-12, £1.3m below its target savings to that point of the year, its latest finance report shows.

The report notes that the £5.2m equates to 48 per cent of the savings the PCT needs to make in the current financial year.

However, a table tracking the PCT’s savings progress shows that the achievability of most of the plans which have yet to record any savings is rated as “red”, and that in a “worst case scenario” the savings programme could fall £5.7m short of the £10.9m it needs to break even.

The table “highlights a worst case scenario that no further savings will be achieved”, and it is therefore “important that delivery of [quality, innovation, productivity and prevention savings] remains a priority in 2011-12”, the report states.

It notes that data for all projects for the reporting period in question was not available, therefore the actual savings reported was only for the months for which data was available.