Hinchingbrooke Hospital - the first acute NHS hospital to be run by a private company - is collecting feedback from every patient and publishing it on its website.

Circle, which runs the hospital, said the feedback has already led to changes including work to reduce waiting time in the fracture clinic and to keep patients informed of how long they are likely to wait. The hospital’s new menu has also been refined in the light of feedback from patients and how has a 95 per cent approval rating.

All patients are now asked three questions: What did we do well? What could we have done better? Would you recommend Hinchingbrooke Hospital to a family member or friend?

The new approach led to more than 2,000 patients giving feedback in March, with many comments focusing on waiting times and car parking.

Circle - which took over the hospital in February - said the feedback is being acted on  by teams within each department.

Massoud Fouladi, chairman and medical director of Circle Partnership, said: “Everyone who works for Circle owns Circle and as owners we put patient experience and quality of care at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we do the same for our patients as customer-focused organisations in any other walk of life, and transparently share their feedback on our service for all to judge.”