STRUCTURE: Hinchingbrooke Health Care is looking to appoint a new chair and two non-executive directors as it finalises arrangements for Circle to take over the hospital.

Hinchingbrooke will be the first NHS hospital to be managed under an operating franchise, with Circle announced as the recommended bidder on 25 November.

Chair of NHS East of England Sarah Boulton said in a statement: “These posts are a huge opportunity to shape the future. We are looking for experienced applicants who can protect the public interest and voice the aspirations of Hinchingbrooke’s staff.

“It is a chance to lead this hospital through a groundbreaking period, driving up the quality of services. They will have the responsibility of governing what remains a public asset, and remain accountable to patients and the public.

“And as Hinchingbrooke will be setting the standard that other hospitals in the country will follow, this is a fantastic opportunity to show national leadership. These are big jobs for big people. We want the best.”