FINANCE: A plan to redesign the ‘front of house’ approach to A&E at Hinchingbrooke Hospital has failed to win support from local GPs.

Circle, which runs Hinchingbrooke, had submitted a business case asking for £1.4m in funding for the scheme. The proposal was reviewed by two local commissioning groups - Hunts Health and Hunts Care Partners - which felt that it was the right thing to do clinically but raised issues around affordability.

These included whether it was an appropriate use of transformation money when the service was funded on a PbR basis: sustainability of the scheme and the expected savings, and risk if the scheme was unsuccessful; and the impact on community services.

A report to the PCT cluster says that, on the basis of these concerns, the local boards have decided not to submit the business plan to the CCG board at the moment on grounds of affordability, although discussions are continuing with Circle.