PERFORMANCE: Hinchingbrooke Health Care Trust has reported over activity for elective care, including outpatient procedures 120 per cent above plan.

The trust’s operational performance report in February said elective patient activity was 2 per cent above plan, day case activity was 7 per cent above plan, while non-elective activity was 1 per cent below plan.

The report said: “Outpatient attendances is 5 per cent below plan, New 9 per cent below plan and Follow-ups 2 per cent below plan. Outpatient procedures and telephone contacts are significantly over plan, 120 per cent and 26 per cent respectively, maintaining the movement away from face-to-face contacts for follow-ups.”

It added: “A&E is 2 per cent over plan, and 3 per cent over last year’s activity, while still seeing 99 per cent of patients within four hours. ITU bed days are 5 per cent over plan, but 1 per cent below last year. Pathology is 5 per cent over plan and Radiology 4 per cent over plan (5 per cent and 4 per cent over last year’s activity respectively).”