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More than half of NHS managers are opposed to setting up self-governing trusts, according to a survey by the Institute of Health Services Management which is being kept under wraps. Only 32 per cent support the idea of a trust in their own district. The IHSM said it was unsure the results still represented managers' views. It has told the Commons social services committee it supports the idea of trusts.

A health authority chair who sent discount cards for his clothing firm's suits to consultants, senior managers and HA members has been asked to resign by his local Labour MP, John Battle. He said Leeds Western HA chair John Jackson should not be developing his own internal market in the district.

Department of Health under-secretary John James is to become district general manager of Harrow on a three-year secondment after 23 years as a civil servant. He will replace Alan Langlands, who is to become a private consultant.

NHS chief executive Duncan Nichol has warned that confrontation between doctors and managers could wreck the reforms. Both needed to work hard to understand the others' world, he said, adding: 'It will be as important for a senior registrar to attend a budget-fixing meeting as the 15th implant operation.'

Job applicants in Wessex region's 10 health districts were asked about period pains, whether they were on the Pill, and how many children they had, an equal opportunities survey by the Royal College of Nursing has found.

Regional health authorities have been accused of failing to offer support to family practitioner committee administrators who have not secured general manager posts. At least 25 - about a quarter of the total - have been passed over.