A trust accused of putting its staff at risk has had a Health and Safety Executive improvement order against it lifted.

Grampian University Hospitals trust was targeted by the HSE last August over a lack of proper risk assessments for staff.

It was accused of failing to protect children's ward workers from assault, and exposing nurses to glutaraldehyde fumes.

The rarely invoked improvement order process was started after complaints about violence against staff on the children's ward.

An HSE spokesperson said: 'When inspectors did a routine audit of the trust last year, they found staff safety had such a low profile it was practically non-existent. All the focus was on patients.'

But this was accompanied by a warning: 'Although we have lifted the order, that does not mean the trust is in the clear.

'Inspectors will be visiting again to make sure that the improvements they have sent us on paper are actually being put into practice.'

A trust spokesperson said staff training had been 'greatly improved' and the issue had been on the board's monthly meeting agenda constantly since the improvement order was made.