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2009 Winner - Sheffield PCT Provider Services

Strong evidence of needs assessment, service model development and a clear benefits evaluation captured the attention of the judging panel for mental health innovation.

The Sheffield team sought to plug a gap in services for patients with long term respiratory conditions who suffer higher rates of depression and/or anxiety.

Based in primary care settings, the programme uses cognitive behavioural therapy to support measurable improvements in patients’ mental health, promote self management and reduce the need for unplanned hospital admissions, as well as their associated costs.

Initial mental health assessments are conducted within three weeks of referral. Treatment goals are set and a wide range of patient centred interventions made available. These include adapting to breathlessness and breathing control, anxiety education and relapse prevention, panic management, pacing and energy conservation, as well as relaxation strategies. Patients have their oxygen saturation levels monitored during the sessions.

Individualised care planning supports coordinated mental and physical healthcare, as well as monitoring to promptly identify indicators of mental health relapse.

Using the hospital anxiety and depression scale to measure the programme’s impact, results have suggested an average five point reduction in anxiety and a six point reduction in depression.

The judges praised the great potential of the model in offering benefits to many other long term conditions.

What judges want

  • Improving patient access to diagnosis, treatment and care services in ways that promote equality of access and experience
  • Implementing choice at the point of referral
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Improving clinical outcomes
  • Increasing public confidence in mental health services
  • Promoting good mental health across communities

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