Take a look at last year’s winners to help you put together a winning entry

2009 Winner of Improving Patient Access: NHS Leeds/HMP Leeds

This new category for the 2010 awards aims to recognise NHS organisations that have successfully collaborated with another organisation - either in the NHS or elsewhere in the public, third or independent sectors - to improve the quality and efficiency of care and the overall patient experience.

Last year, NHS Leeds/HMP Leeds won the Improving Patient Access category.

A drive to improve inmate healthcare and reduce perceived inequalities of provision has resulted in prisoner participation in the design and development of significant service transformation.

About 30 healthcare representatives from a mix of cultural and health groups in the prison population, now contribute to regular forums, and policy reviews.

“The waiting time to see a GP used to be up to three weeks,” says Clare Wykes, patient and public involvement facilitator, NHS Leeds. “But input from the healthcare representatives has seen that come down to more like three days.”

“We have good, persuasive evidence of the success of this first scheme in the shape of statistics and qualitative data and now, thanks to the HSJ Improving Patient Access Award, we also have an improved project profile,” says Ms Wykes.

“As well as creativity and innovation,” she continues, “the judges wanted to hear about the next steps and sustainability. It was particularly useful to be able to share plans for moving forward that had no financial implications.”

What judges want

  • Analysis of information to identify problem areas that could be addressed through improved joint working arrangements and the development of a strategy to put this in place by streamlining care across the two organisations
  • Consultation with patients, staff and other stakeholders
  • Evidence of multidisciplinary team work across the two organisations, including shared communications, systems, information and learning
  • Evaluation to demonstrate efficiency, quality, patient and staff satisfaction and value for money of approach

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