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By James Illman

Correspondent James Illman, will delve into the most pressing performance matters troubling system leaders and provide unrivalled insight into what they plan to do about them. Click here to see a sample.

By Joe Gammie

Can the NHS must make significant improvements in mental health services? Joe Gammie tells you how the sector is performing, where the finances are going and whether the plans come to fruition. Click here to see a sample.

By Lawrence Dunhill

Will NHS finances collapse in 2016? The service is facing the most challenging financial conditions in its history. Lawrence Dunhill will tell you where the crunch will come and who it will affect. Click here to see a sample.

By Shaun Lintern

HSJ expert Shaun Lintern has revealed time and again how the NHS must handle workforce and patient safety risks better. Don’t get caught out.
See a preview here.

By Dave West

What NHS England won’t tell you, Dave West will. Get the inside track on the most important policy developments and find out which CCGs are succeeding… and those which are struggling.

By Ben Clover

What’s going on in England’s largest health economy? London has some of the biggest challenges and most innovative models in the NHS. Ben’s analysis will ensure you’re on top of them all. See a preview here.

By Lawrence Dunhill

Lawrence Dunhill digs beneath the surface of the most important issues in England’s fastest developing health economy. He will bring you the region’s successes and failures first. Click here for a free preview.



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