A business critical briefing from HSJ’s Commissioning and Delivering Integrated Care conference

Key themes

  • The aims of the integrated care pilot programme
  • Integrated care’s role in increasing the capacity and performance of services
  • The organisational and financial tools for developing integrated care
  • Social enterprise development

Action points

  • Plan for changes in policy while remaining focused on patients.
  • Make use of the tools available to help integrate health and social care commissioning functions.
  • Use governance to manage risks adequately and promote innovation.
  • Address organisational cultures and develop joint aims and challenges when integrating organisations.
  • Use social marketing to increase community awareness and involvement.
  • Do not underestimate the time that it takes to achieve change, plan for a decrease in performance, and remain focused on outcomes.

Key questions and answers

Q What are the challenges around information management and integrated care?

  • Information management is at the heart of the pilots, as data from across the system is needed for adequate evaluation. Digital channels are being strengthened.

Q What is the role of NHS networks in integrated care?

  • They will be vital in spreading information and good practice nationally.

Q What is the future of joint financing arrangements given the current financial pressures?

  • They will help to make savings and decrease the costs of integrated care.

Senai Jimenez, Bocconi University Intern at South Central SHA, June to October 2009, MSc in International Healthcare Management.

Commissioning and Delivering Integrated Care