Is your organisation struggling to reduce costs while maintaining or even improving the quality of services? The current economic climate means the focus is now on spending smarter, investing for the future and delivering results. 

Cutting the cost of running a healthcare organisation has become vital as the gap between the NHS’s income and the demand for its services has become evident. But just how do you set about making efficiency savings without affecting patient care or demoralising your staff - especially when savings of £20bn over three years are envisaged?

One part of the solution may be to look at some of the non-pay costs associated with employing staff and whether they can be reduced.

This HSJ webinar, in association with McKesson, will help you look at how you can implement some high impact changes to create a flexible, robust, world class workforce that will enable your organisation to deliver results and adapt to any environment. Improved ‘back office’ processes can help organisations reduce their costs while also running more efficiently and delivering the health services their communities need. The webinar will also focus on how organisations can shift their efforts from the mundane administrative tasks around staff employment, to more strategic areas such as recruiting the right staff and ensuring existing staff have the right skills for the future.

By freeing up staff to spend time on more productive areas, technology can make a major contribution to increasing productivity. Innovate, automate and streamline your business processes.

One quick and easy way to free up resources and costs is an electronic expenses system. Electronic systems for managing staff expenses can contribute to staff satisfaction through swift and hassle-free payment while improved monitoring and verification of expenditure will help organisations meet their financial targets and control costs.

Expert Panel

  • Noel Plumridge, independent consultant and former NHS finance director
  • Matt Searles, UK sales manager, McKesson
  • Richard Coope, managing director, Point Progress


  • Charlotte Santry, HSJ reporter

Who should watch

  • chief executives from PCTs and trusts
  • finance directors from PCTs and trusts
  • HR professionals
  • IT managers