Have you planned for early discharge during the winter influenza season? Does your winter preparedness plan include provision for MRSA patients?

This winter will be particularly challenging due to the second wave of swine flu, which is likely to occur during the regular influenza season. Pressure for hospital beds is inevitable during a pandemic, which may lead to overcrowding. There is evidence that episodes of significant hospital overcrowding can trigger increases in the incidence of healthcare associated infections such as MRSA. Don’t be caught out this winter. Members of the MRSA Working Group, a multidisciplinary group of infectious disease experts, will provide advice and a workable solution for managing early discharge of MRSA patients during the busy winter influenza period.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: FREE

Where: Your PC

This online seminar will cover the following:

  • The challenge faced by hospitals this winter in managing the second wave of swine flu, the regular influenza season and the problems of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) such as MRSA
  • Managing bed capacity: the pressure for hospital beds during the winter influenza season and how this can be managed
  • Early discharge: a workable solution that would reduce the pressure on hospital resources and beds and limit the spread of HCAIs, like MRSA

Expert panel

  • Dr Matthew Dryden, consultant microbiologist at Royal Hampshire County Hospital and general secretary of the British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
  • Mr Barry Mulholland, head of service improvement, Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust
  • Dr Frances Sanderson, infectious diseases consultant, Imperial College Healthcare Trust

Who should watch?

  • Chief executives of acute trusts
  • Chief operating officers
  • Medical and surgical directors
  • Hospital and business managers
  • Directors of operational services
  • Infection control specialists
  • Microbiologists
  • Bed managers
  • Chief pharmacists and antimicrobial pharmacists
  • Nursing and patient safety/services directors

Pfizer Limited initiated and funded this webcast, which has been developed in collaboration with the MRSA Working Group.

SPEC 111               Date of Preparation: October 2009       

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