Are you getting the flow of patients out of hospital right? Do you have the right level of care in the community? Find out how to do it at HSJ’s free online masterclass.

  • Duration:    45 minutes  
  • Cost:    Free  
  • Where:  Your PC   

Getting the best patient outcomes means providing the right care in the right place at the right time. Managing bed flows requires being confident that patients are being cared for in the right setting. That means knowing where to begin their care and when to move them on.

Many patients remain on wards unnecessarily and some should not have been admitted in the first place. Moving patients out of hospital and into the community is better for patients and saves money. But it’s only an option if the appropriate care is available outside the hospital walls.

Tools are available to help case managers judge where patients should be. They can also tell managers and commissioners how appropriate their bed use is. And they can inform planning and decision making by defining what’s needed in the community.

The boundaries of what services can be provided in the community may be wider than you think. Find out how appropriate your bed use is and what services you should be providing outside of hospital by signing up for this free online event.

This online seminar will tackle the following:

  • Improving patient pathways to provide care in the right place
  • Bed use - how appropriate is it?
  • Improving discharge plans
  • Boosting community services - what’s needed and how to provide it
  • Data - what’s needed? Where to get it and how to use it

Facilitator: Sally Gainsbury, HSJ

Expert contributors include:

  • David Colin-Thomé, National Director for Primary Care Commissioning & System Management Directorate, Department of Health
  • Brian James, Chief Executive, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Nigel Edwards, Director of Policy, NHS Confederation
  • Neil Spragg, VP, BI and Commissioning, McKesson

Who should watch?

  • Chief Executives of PCTs and Acute Trusts
  • Directors of Commissioning
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors of Strategy
  • Directors of Clinical Services