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This week we look at the organisations shortlisted for their innovative work in cancer care.

  • Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust: Developed Vitrucare, an online service allowing cancer patients to self-manage their condition, resulting in a 50 per cent reduction in the number of chemotherapy patients admitted with a neutropenic sepsis.
  • Communitas Clinics and Surrey Downs CCG: Developed a real time referral service to provide timely diagnosis and management plan for skin cancer patients, helping 42 per cent of patients to avoid a referral to secondary care.
  • Acute haemato-oncology service at Taunton and Somerset FT: Developed a Neutropenic Sepsis Alert card that allows administration of antibiotics to specific patients without prior medical review, improving door to needle time from 62 per cent to 92 per cent.
  • The Christie School of Oncology: Developed Gateway C, an online educational platform to help GPs in early cancer detection and decision making, resulting in over 85 per cent of GPs reporting improved recognition of symptoms.
  • Kingston Hospital FT: Developed an open culture, reporting all inadequate resections to individual surgeons, improving the quality of resection and saving costs.
  • Cardiff and Vale University Health Board: Redesigned the prostate cancer pathway, moving the MRI before the TRUS biopsy, decreasing waiting time from a median of 90 days to 61 days.
  • Salford Royal FT: Developed a system to enable electronic prescribing of haematology chemotherapy for inpatients, day case and outpatients, improving prescription accuracy.
  • Taunton and Somerset FT: Designed a 3D head position tracking device to monitor motion during radiotherapy, saving £80 per patient.
  • Older People’s Advocacy Alliance UK: Offered advocacy services to older people affected by cancer, helping 900 older people diagnosed with cancer.
  • Guy’s and St Thomas’ FT: Developed a cancer centre to deliver specialist services under one roof, saving over £228,000.