A business critical briefing from HSJ’s Urgent and Emergency Care conference

Key themes

  • Understanding service use and vision
  • Efficient use of urgent care services
  • IT as a key enabler
  • Partnership working across organisational boundaries
  • The need to look at patient pathways across boundaries
  • Networking

Action points

  • Build networks with other trusts.
  • Look into social marketing and patient behaviour.
  • Examine how IT can make services more efficient.
  • Examine new roles and how to do things differently.
  • Examine bottlenecks and redirect patient flow if appropriate or add extra resource.
  • Visit other sites that have redesigned services.

Key questions and answers

Q How can partnership working be achieved?

  • Through close links with social services and pooled budgets.

Q How can trusts retain staff and develop them?

  • Leadership programmes can be run for middle managers.

Q What are they key challenges at West Herts?

  • The need to modernise the back end of the hospital. There are still problems with bottlenecks and discharges.

Michaela Firth is a programme manager at NHS South Central.

Urgent and Emergency Care