How Patient Feedback Challenge aims to cut NHS complaints and the rest of today’s news

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5.18pm There’s been some interesting feedback on our interview with Sir David Nicholson, in which he states he believes he will not lose his job following the Mid Staffordshire report. Comments haven’t been entirely supportive of the NHS chief executive.

One reader said: “Extraordinary. In a regime where as a new chief executive of a trust with lesser problems than mid staffs with a history of lack of attention and support and from the SHA, DH regime over many years I have been threatened with my job and and seen neighbouring colleagues go on a whim from SHA. To read this interview from the architect of that culture which has spread across the NHS arguing why he should stay…….I had always understood Sir David to be a honourable man, clearly not.”

Another said: “It’s fascinating how senior people involved with this scandal were elevated to the CQC and high office in the DoH. No wonder the NHS has had a culture in which no one has wanted to speak up! If the inquiry outcome begins with some right and proper appraisal of these peoples’ performance and then appropriate action to ensure they can never darken our doors again, that would be great.”


12.46pm In case you missed the story yesterday, University Hospital of North Staffordshire Trust is seeking a new chief executive.

12.45pm @NickGolding tweets: This one will prove popular with HSJ readers: Archbishop of York slams children’s heart hosp reconfiguration:

12.40pm HSJ has published an exclusive interview with NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson in which he says he believes he should survive any criticism levelled at him by the forthcoming report into care failings at Mid Staffordshire Foundation Trust.

Sir David also said he hoped to hold his new position for “the next few years” and he added: “I can see a whole load of things that I need to do.”

12.30pm Rob Webster, chief executive at Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, says aspirant community foundation trusts are crucial to delivering the aspirations of the NHS mandate. “More cost-effective models to meet patients’ needs can exist in the community rather than hospitals.”

11:45am The Health and Social Care Information Centre has published a new resource compiling experimental data published on use of recommended medicines and treatments by NHS. The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry said the new data “appears to demonstrate the on-going problems with getting the latest and most innovative medicines to NHS patients”.

10.02am Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has been talking about “Ofsted style” ratings for GP practices and hospitals. This was first announced last November, but today the Telegraph reports that he made the case again yesterday to a House of Lords committee.The independent inspections independent inspections would evaluate the “culture” of care providers in England.

8.45am A team of professionals from neighbouring trusts - now known as West Midlands Quality Review Service - spotted potential problems at Mid Staffordshire two years before the healthcare inspectors. HSJ explores whether the peer review model can be adopted across the NHS.

7.35am The NHS now gets more than 3,000 complaints a week, an increase of 12,364 (8.3 per cent) from 2010-11. Patient Feedback Challenge, launched by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, is striving to cut this by hearing all sides of the story and improve patient-staff relations.