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10.34am The BBC’s live coverage into the release of the report into abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile has published a list of hospitals and hospices where offences were committed. It is: “Leeds General - 16 offences 1965-95; Stoke Mandeville 22 offences 1965-88; All the rest - 1 offence each at various times between 1962 and 1991: Broadmoor; St James Leeds; High Royds Psychiatric; Dewsbury Hospital; Wycombe General; Great Ormond Street - 1971; Ashworth; Exeter Hospital; Portsmouth Royal; St Catherine’s Birkenhead; Saxondale Mental Health; Wheatfields Hospice Leeds - 1977.”

10.05am: The furious response to NHS Commissioning Board chief executive David Nicholson’s assertion that he should survive any criticism levelled by the Mid Staffs Inquiry in order to implement its recommendations continues unabated. HSJ’s story has now attracted over 50 comments, with the latest batch providing a fairly representative sample.

One reader wrote: “Not just Nicholson, but also all his hand-picked yes-men (and women) who have been eased into senior positions during the current reshuffle without proper transparency or accountability around the process should go, as they carry the same blameless complacency culture. This is not brass neck, it is a delusional psychosis.”

Another asked: “Is this the NHS equivalent of the Romanian revolution with DN playing Nicolae Ceausescu?”

A third wrote: “I’m afraid to say that this is an example of the attitude and arrogance of executives throughout the country. It is usually coupled with incompetence and nepotism ensuring that this system is maintained and continues to operate as an ‘establishment’. This is why the NHS is crumbling and inhibits any meaningful and sustainable reform.”

9.35am: Also yesterday, the Department of Health published the allocations of £2.66bn of public health funding to English councils for 2013-14. You can read HSJ’s report here, and see the detailed allocations here.

9.30am: In case you missed the story yesterday, HSJ is reporting that NHS trusts are being asked to submit new target dates for attaining foundation trust status, amid new evidence that significant numbers will miss their original deadlines.

7.42am: 82 per cent of patients feel it’s important for the NHS to offer opportunities to take part in healthcare research. “The need for increased efficiency and budget savings should strengthen the position of clinical research as core business in the NHS”, says Jonathan Sheffield, chief executive of the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network. Through the network, the Department of Health is putting more than £300m a year into funding clinical research.