• Dudley CCG opens procurement for multi billion pound new care model contract
  • First vanguard site to issue MCP procurement - expected to mean some GPs move from current contracts

A multi-billion pound tender has been issued for one of the most advanced national vanguard sites, in what is believed to be a first.

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group published a procurement notice worth up to £5bn over up to 15 years on 9 June - the day after last week’s general election vote.

It is believed to be the first tender to be issued for an MCP new care model by a site in the national vanguard programme. 

For some GP practices - those which choose to be “fully integrated” with the MCP - it is expected to mean moving off their current core GP contract, onto an arrangement managed by the MCP provider. This will represent a significant break for the NHS.

Commissioners want the contract to begin on 1 April next year. It will be worth between £3.4bn and £5.4bn.

The value is based on the CCG’s 2016-17 spend and includes the provision of GP services. However, the total value will depend on how many of the area’s GP practices choose to fully integrate with the MCP. For others, core GP services will be contracted separately.

Bidding for the contract is open until 13 July.

The notice advises that contract could eventually cover public health and social care services currently commissioned by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council such as learning disability and care home services.

Should the scope of the contract expand, Dudley CCG has said successful bidders will be required to commit and undertake the services.

“Integration with general medical practice is a critical feature of the model and this will be achieved in a manner that is consistent with the options identified in the MCP framework document, through either a ‘partially integrated’ or ‘fully integrated’ service model.

”This will include practices which are not currently members of Dudley CCG but may become so in future,”the notice adds.

Paul Maubach, Dudley CCG chief officer, said: “We are the first vanguard to launch the procurement for an MCP. This represents a significant and unique opportunity for potential partners. The MCP will bring together services to create an accountable care organisation that will be able to deliver better integrated services designed to improve the lives of Dudley people.

“Through enabling our staff to work more effectively together through a series of multi-disciplinary teams and a wider network of care, the MCP will support people in their own homes and communities to enhance individual independence and maximise their potential for improving their own health and well being.”