Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust is reporting a “significant risk” to its short term cash flow, partly due to delays in over performance payments.

There are currently £7.4m in invoice payments outstanding and £19m accrued, according to the trust’s December finance report.

There have also been delays in payments for the baseline contract although the trust is expecting a £7m payment in December and £5m in January.

The papers also note that “there has been some difficulty maintaining the 10 working day expense level of £15m in the bank.”

The trust’s progress against cost improvement plans is worsening with the number of work streams underperforming increasing. Under achievement against plan is £625,000 in month and £665,000 in the year to date against a risk-assessed forecast of £2.6m for the year.

However, the trust is reporting a surplus in line with the plan agreed with the Trust Development Authority and plans to draw down its capital investment loan in January next year.