The introduction of a new IT system has cost Croydon Health Services Trust £1.1m in lost activity, according to its latest finance board report.

The trust brought in the Cerner system in October and reduced the number of patient clinics so that staff could spend a few days learning how to use the new system.

It has been calculated that this reduced activity cost the trust £1.1m, causing “a significant deterioration on the month 6 position”.

The trust’s reported deficit increased by £3m between month 6 and month 7. The report states this this is due to “operational issues caused by the Cerner deployment”. The new system cost the trust £1.7m in month 7 on top of the £1.1m loss in activity.

Croydon Health Services Trust is reporting a deficit of £14.8m against its £10.7m budget.

A spokesman for the trust said: “Using learning from other trusts, we wanted to ensure that patients still had a good experience and during the first two weeks we slightly reduced the number of clinics offered for a limited period to give staff some time to familiarise themselves with how the system works. Croydon Health Services is the largest ever trust to introduce CRS Millennium and the system is part a major part of transformation across the trust.”

The report also notes that the trust’s expenditure position is above plan by £5.2m, mainly as a result of agency and bank spend on ward staffing.

According to the board paper an application will be made to recover the £3m loss relating to the Cerner deployment.

The trust is currently forecasting a deficit position of £17.8m for year end, which is £3.3m off the plan agreed with the Trust Development Authority.